Ski School

Ski Instructor Nemanja Tatic

We provide expert and personalized skiing lessons for all levels, for both individual students and groups, ensuring a safe and fun experience at Kopaonik.

Individual lessons

Individual ski instruction provides personalized improvement of skiing skills for individuals or small groups of up to 3 people, enabling faster learning and progress.

Grupni časovi

Group skiing lessons

Group ski instruction is ideal for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to those wishing to perfect their technique. Groups are tailored to age and skill level, with a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring high quality instruction.

Ski school for children

The ski school for children offers a special approach to learning, focused on fun and love for skiing, making time on the snow an exciting part of healthy sports habits.

O meni

Experience the thrill of skiing at Kopaonik with our exceptional ski school. We specialize in personalized ski learning, blending expertise and passion to unlock your full potential on the slopes. Join me, a passionate skier since age six and a member of Serbia’s elite Ski Instructors Association, as we embark on a journey of freedom and joy on the snow. Whether a beginner or advanced, let’s discover the magic of skiing together!

Beyond mere skiing lessons, our school at Kopaonik offers a unique experience that combines skill-building with unforgettable mountain adventures. Our approach is tailored to your individual goals and skill level, ensuring progress and enjoyment in every session. As your guide and instructor, I bring years of experience and a deep love for the sport, ensuring that each ski run is not just a lesson, but a step towards mastering the art of skiing. Together, we’ll create memories that last a lifetime on the breathtaking slopes of Kopaonik.

Price list

Season 2023/24

Individual lesson


One person

*discount for multiple lessons

Lesson for 2 people


Two people

*discount for multiple lessons

Lesson for 3-5 people


Three to five people

*discount for multiple lessons




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